Workshop Applications


In addition to keynote speakers, panel events, and caucuses/pro-caucuses, NOWSA 2017 provides opportunities for attendees to hold workshops. Workshops are to be no longer than 50 minutes, and are intended to be skill-sharing between attendees.

This application form does not guarantee your space to hold a workshop: time-table restrictions and overlapping of topics are reasons for a workshop not being run. For this reason, please provide as much detail and specifics into your application as possible.

**The deadline for Workshop Applications is June 30th.**

Some examples of workshops include a beginner workshop titles “Feminism 101: What’s the patriarchy?”, while an intermediate workshop should build on base knowledge of attendees, and could be titled “Class Barriers in Feminism”. An advanced workshop may be your PhD work, or a more in depth analysis of a research topic, such as “Feminist Methodologies and Research Methods”.

We will also be holding a workshop training session on the Sunday afternoon before NOWSA begins. Please click here for a document produced by the NOWSA 2017 Organising Committee on how to run a safe and accessible workshop.

You will find out if your Workshop Application is successful on June 16th.

Please click here to complete the workshop application form!

Some workshops the NOWSA 2017 Organising Committee is especially looking for include: (please note that if you choose to do a workshop that is not on this list, you will not be disadvantaged in being selected. These are just some ideas to get you started!)

  • Body image and body positivity
  • Contraception
  • How-to: count a ballot
  • How-to: do your taxes
  • How-to: effectively campaign
  • How-to: stand-up comedy
  • Navigating online spaces
  • What to do if your workplace isn’t treating you fairly
  • Class barriers in feminism
  • Getting your creativity out to the world
  • Helping a friend with mental illness
  • Identity erasure in the queer* community: for example, bisexual, ace, asexuality
  • Invisible illnesses
  • The role of social media in feminism
  • Dealing with activist burn out
  • Gender neutrality in women’s spaces
  • How privileged feminists can step back and pull up
  • PhD research topics
  • Working through trauma
  • Advanced Spoon Theory

**The deadline for Workshop Applications is June 30th.**


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  1. thank you for presenting impressive keynote speakers. i have been searching for times that they are on so i can know if it fits into my daily routines.
    no times seem obvious to me.a program of each day would be very beneficial. i apologise if you have this already and i simply have not found it.
    many thanks for your reply
    sundra grace


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