What is NOWSA?


What exactly is NOWSA?

NOWSA is the acronym for the Network of Women Students Australia. The Network Of Women Students Australia was established in 1987, and founded on ideals of creating a grassroots, autonomous network concerned with issues that impact women and women students.

Every year, NOWSA hosts a conference in collaboration with an Australian University Union. The conference provides an opportunity for women identifying students to engage with personal, political, social, and cultural issues that effect women. The environment allows students to share resources, skills and knowledge. Attendees also have the opportunity to work together to develop strategies to improve the experiences of women in Australia.

Who can attend NOWSA?

NOWSA is open to all women students who are 18 and over. NOWSA 2017 is open to anyone who currently identifies as a woman, or anyone who experiences oppression or perceived oppression as a woman. Women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, and abilities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Why you should attend NOWSA

NOWSA offers a great opportunity to network with women from around Australia and to learn about issues that affect women and women students. Attending NOWSA will give you the opportunity to work with individuals with both similar and different experiences, backgrounds, and ideals. You will be encouraged to work together to develop strategies to improve the position of women in the Australian community. By attending NOWSA 2017 you can gain useful information and resources that will benefit you both personally and professionally.

During NOWSA, you will have the opportunity to share knowledge about your own oppressions and experiences, as well as learning from other women. NOWSA recognises that women are diverse and have different experiences depending on socioeconomic background, religion, ethnicity, sexuality and living conditions, among other things.

The NOWSA 2017 Organising Committee is looking forward to meeting you!




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