Participation Agreement

As a participant of the NOWSA 2017 Conference, I agree:

1. To respect and uphold the safer space and grievance policy at all times.

2. To recognize that everyone has personal experiences which helps forms their opinion, and we should respect that opinion unless it violates the safer space and grievance policy agreements.

3. To recognize that my opinion and experiences may contrast other people’s opinions and experiences and that discussion of this is to be subject to safer space and grievance policy agreements.

4. To listen to everyone’s opinions and experiences without interrupting or arguing afterwards, unless said opinion violates safer space or grievance policy.

5. To discuss all points and opinions in an orderly manner, following a prioritized speaking list, in all events that are part of the conference.

6. To not generalize your experience to that of various groups of people, and to not generalize opinions to that of various groups.

7. To not dominate discussions, to keep to a strict speaking list and speaking time, and to not get antagonistic when someone asks you to stop if you overstep these boundaries or violate the safer spaces or grievance policy agreements.

8. To respect all physical, mental & emotional boundaries at all time and make sure you have complete continual consent in any situations where it is required.

9. To make sure that anything that compromises your physical, mental or emotional health is reported to the grievance committee and that you take care of yourself and others around you at this conference.

10. To always get explicit verbal consent before touching someone or crossing their personal boundaries.

11. To look out for all people at all times and not do anything that could, purposefully or not, endanger someone.

12. To recognize privacy of individuals and not to compromise any privacy of individuals or groups by discussing personal or sensitive matters with other individuals.

13. To use relevant trigger warnings at all times, to make sure you have read or heard the trigger warnings for workshops that you attend and to make sure you use relevant trigger warnings when expressing your opinion and experiences

14. To follow standing orders during conference floor and caucuses.


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